Professional laundry and garment cleaning services for businesses.

We offer a cost-effective B2B cooperation. We specialise in cooperation with hotels, hospitals, sports clubs, catering companies, public authorities and companies in other industries.


With our services, you’ll save time and resources that you can devote to growing your business. Our prices include all related stages of the process.

  • Acceptance of laundry and clothes

  • Careful sorting of laundry

  • Choosing the right detergents

  • Soaking, stain removal (if necessary)

  • Laundry and dry cleaning

  • Rinsing and conditioning

  • Antistatic treatment, flavouring (optional)

  • Drying and ironing

  • Packaging and delivery to the customer

Lavatio Laundry is happy to take care of all your bed linen, towels and bathrobes, tablecloths and other laundry.


Laundry services for hotels, hostels, restaurants, cafes with delivery.

For hostel and hotel owners, Lavatio Laundry offers:

  • Washing bed linen, tablecloths, napkins, terry and kitchen towels, bathrobes, all types of textiles.

  • Disinfecting and ironing after washing.

  • Dry cleaning of laundry, removal of dirt of any origin.

  • Transporting laundry, packing it carefully and handing it over to the hostel and hotel owners on time.

Laundry services for medical and social care institutions.

For medical service providers, Lavatio Laundry offers:

  • Fast and high-quality cleaning of laundry, curtains, towels and more.

  • Cleaning of any material, in any volume.

  • Veicam apģērbu ķīmisko tīrīšanu.

  • Careful packaging and on-time delivery.

A completely ecological washing concept for gentle but highly effective treatment.

We use only the highest quality Christeyns chemistry. This manufacturer’s products are based on truly innovative chemicals and developed through years of professional experience and extensive long-term research. Christeyns products allow you to wash at lower temperatures, providing excellent cleaning quality, disinfection and bleaching results from 40°C.
As a result, our customers’ linen and garments retain their quality for longer, saving the company money.


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